Sunday, April 24, 2011

Completely un-Disney related :)

Now that I'm pretty sure 75% of people who might be reading this blog have checked out, I'm going to keep on going :) Not much is going on CP-wise right now: we've got a balanced future apartment, with Marion and Kryssy chilling with some of our favorite friends as Character Performers and Katarina and I repping the Attractions front! Now as always, fingers/toes/everything I can crossed in hopes things work out smoothly and we can live together! (Since, ya know, it's never a guarantee with apartment-mates.) 43 days!!!

Now for the non Disney :) In Kryssy's tumblr which I've linked above, she's been posting a wonderful 30-Day meme for actors and I've decided to do it. I'll be doing it in chunks, mostly because the thought of posting SIMPLY to update a meme drives me nuts. A LOT of it doesn't apply to me, given that I'd consider myself more of a "recreational" actor than on the career path, but theater is such a huge part of my life that I couldn't ever, won't ever be able to cut it out. And so........

Day 1 – Your current headshot, name, and age.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaand we run into our first problem - I don't have any headshots. Never had. That should be a clue :) So instead, you may have an extraordinarily less professional, but still theater-related photo of moi :)
Jennifer Losco, Age 21
Day 2 – How long have you been acting/ studying acting?

Not counting the "plays" we were forced to do in elementary school about the pilgrims and the Revolutionary War that consisted of the entire 5th grade singing off-key songs from some mail-order book, my first onstage role was in 7th grade, age 11, in the chorus of Oliver. (My first show EVER was the year before, as light board operator for Alice in Wonderland. But that didn't really count because the high school kids did all the work anyway.) I never took any kind of classes though, even extracurricular, until I decided to major in it, and that's been almost a full four years now. Don't regret a single thing :)

Day 3 – How many shows have you acted in?

Oh god this is going to be hard to count. Just acted in..............I'm going to say 18, give or take, including City of Angels my freshmen year of high school, which I was casted in but ended up getting canceled due to the town slacking off in building our auditorium.

Day 4 – The best show you’ve ever worked on and a picture from it.
Bear with me, it's impossible to pick just one.......

 Flowers for Algernon, for being a) the first time I picked up a script and just knew, exactly, who my character was, and b) for being the first time I ever cried onstage

Saved by the STEW, for the blind, unending confidence of one of the best directors I've ever had, for playing myself (only with better grades) and for just being SO. DAMN. FUN.

 Fall Fest 2010, for being 4 weeks of utter hell, learning I can't really dance, losing my voice, loathing immature senior staff members - and having it all be worth it in the end, by working with the greatest ensemble cast I'll ever find, and being so utterly content with the experience.

 The Shax Sessions, even though I didn't act in it, because I couldn't possibly talk about my favorite shows and leave it out. I wrote it. I directed it. It's my baby. And I'm still too scared to watch the recording. Nothing will ever replace this in my heart.

It's nearly 3 AM now so I might as well call it a quits. I'll return in a couple of days with the next batch! 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Womp womp womp

I am I terrible blogger, I know. I just realized now it's been A MONTH since my last entry but, well, there hasn't been much to do involving the CP and LOTS to do with my last few weeks of school (5 of them to be exact), and so there hasn't been much to say.

Roommates: The lovely Marion is officially my roommate! We've been matched and we're ready! Now fingers crossed on June 6th that we'll be good to room with Kryssy and Kat! I've also decided I'm moving out of my apartment sometime around the 23rd or so - my graduation is the 22nd - and after that it's 2 weeks to get ready for Disney! It may be sooner than that, depending on the senior week activities I chose to do and not do (or that my wallet chooses to do or not do). So expect lots of packing stuff coming around then. My three lovely roommates have also audition for Character Performer, I hope they get it! For me, I'm SO glad I didn't do it again - I couldn't handle that on top of all I've got going on here.

Other than that, it's really just the weird combo of killing time while trying to savor the moment. It's such a strange place to be in......

38 days till my last final, 56 days until graduation, 71 days until I check in. WILD.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Getting into a habit....

New blog design! The other one was too dark and dreary.......and since I'll be there for Fall, this fits perfectly!

Looks like I'm getting into almost a weekly habit of posting........need to break that. School is just CRAZY busy right now with midterms and all but.........I have my roommates!! I have met three fantastic girls from the CP Fall facebook group, and we're aiming for a non-wellness 2 BR in Chatham. I can't wait to start planning what to pack and what to buy! #1 on my list is a coffee maker - I know Dunks exist in Florida but without a car that's not going to happen - plus I've heard once you leave New England the DD aren't that good.

Yes, looks like I will be car-less. My family flies free on standby (my dad's an airline employee) and where I don't actually have a car already, and no money to buy one before June, it is what it is. Hey, maybe I'll catch up on my reading or Kingdom Hearts while waiting for the buses/my shift to start :)

99 DAYS! And less then that (84 days) till I have my diploma - mind boggling. Time to start my essay........or packing list.......whatever happens :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1 week later.....

So here I am, up at 8:30 AM last Wednesday morning, blearly eyed, looking to check the usual websites and then hop in the shower before class. Facebook, nothing special. Twitter, ho hum. Gmail - I'M SORRY BUT WHAT IS THAT?!?! There it was, the congratulations e-mail, right there in my inbox. And not only was I in, but I was an Attractions cast member, my top choice!! I screamed, called Kevin, my boyfriend, woke up my roommate, called both my parents. And then skipped class reading through all the information on the other side of the log in page. Such a wonderful day.....

And now here I am, a week later, about to go to that same class I skipped last week. What has this past week been like, in terms of the CP? Two big things: the roommates and the car.

Still looking for a potential roommate. I found a couple of girls on Facebook who were already planning on roomming together and looking for some more ladies to join their apartment, and we seem to fit perfectly. Now it's just up to me to find someone arriving on June 6th, who is over 21, who I think I could share a room with for 7 months tolerably and that the other girls will like. As I said to my dad, I have a better chance of being happy with my roommate if I pick her beforehand than if I just let Disney do it.

Aaaaaaaaand the car situation. I desperately want a car down in Florida. All the stories of getting to work 2 hours early and home 2 hours later because of the bus situation have scared me to no end. I was hoping to have enough money after working this semester to buy my own car, but being screwed over in terms of hours makes it look like that's not going to happen. We have a family car........but technically that belongs to my brother when he gets his license this year. However that won't be till October at the earliest, so I'm hopeful that I can maybe use that car till January. It also has a ton of miles on it, so taking the autotrain is the only option - which is all more expensive than a plane ticket for me. Fingers crossed for the best!

110 days until check in! The day we pass into double digits will be MIND BOGGLING.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'M IN!!!!!!!!!!!

I realize I'm horrible at keeping this blog, and haven't even gotten to my interview yet.......but all that's going to change now that I'VE BEEN ACCEPTED TO THE WALT DISNEY WORLD COLLEGE PROGRAM!!!!!!!!

I even got Attractions!! I was so worried I'd be put with Merch or FSFB because of my work experience in those areas but NOPE! FIRST CHOICE BABY!!!!!!!!

This is kind of just a place holder post, as I'm 7 minutes late to class as it is........I'll be back soon!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

I've applied!!!

And here I thought I'd be updating in between this...........but before I knew it, I'm back at school, and the applications are online. I couldn't believe it. I didn't even have a chance to watch the E-Presentation and do the application till a couple of days later - a time when I was alone that is. I couldn't believe that it's STILL the same presentation from when I applied back for Spring 09 - too funny to see everything again.

For my role checklist, I picked the following:
1) Attractions
2) Photopass Photographer
3) Character Attendant
4) Hospitality (even though I know I have NO shot at this one)
5) Full Service Food and Beverage
6) Merchandise

Even though I only really want the first three roles......and Attractions the most...........I am interested in Hospitality but I remember reading in an earlier season that the role tends to not be given to non-Hospitality majors; I only selected FSFB and Merch because of my previous experience but really, I'm hoping to try something new!

And then there was the web interview - which I was DREADING. My biggest fear was that somehow, I wouldn't pass, and even though I'd been accepted into the DCP before, I'd never get the chance to fully apply again. I shouldn't have worried though, I was honest, and I passed. I scheduled my phone interview for Sunday the 23rd..............which was today! But I think I'll save that for another post; gotta have SOMETHING to talk about till May!

4 weeks (max, hopefully) till I find out about my future!

Have a magical day all, and thanks for reading!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Every blog has a beginning

And I guess this is mine! Hey there and welcome to my blog, chronicling my adventures in applying, planning for, and hopefully the duration of my time with the Walt Disney World College Program's Fall Advantage season. Even though I don't plan to start blogging here until I am officially accepted, I wanted to claim the domain and then realized it'd be pretty stupid to just have an empty blog floating around here. And thus, an introduction post, so you know exactly who you'll be following around for the time being.

The name is Jenn; I'm a 21 year old college senior born and raised in wonderful suburbia, Massachusetts, currently about to start my final semester at Suffolk University in Boston as a Theatre major (performance) with a minor in Media. I've spent the past three years living in this fantastic city and loving my school environment, so hard to believe it's almost over!

I'll be applying for Fall Advantage 2011, aiming to go down the first arrival date after May 22nd (graduation!) until the end of the program in January. As for roles, I'm leaning towards a first choice of Attractions, but also thinking about Photopass Photog, Character Attendant, Hospitality, Concierge, or Vacation Planner. Potentially Merchandise as well.........but after spending a year in retail I want to stay as far away as possible. But we'll see!

Like I mentioned, I don't plan on posting much before I get an official acceptance, which at the very least will be about a month from now. I might find some CP related things to talk about: my stories applying before (this will be my third time applying for the CP, and hopefully second acceptance, although I've never done it before - but that's for another day), when the application finally goes up, when I have my interview, answering questions, the works. We'll just have to see.

This blog doesn't look pretty yet, and it's still hibernating, but I'd love to have you along for the ride. Talk to you soon!!